Signs of a Bad Manager

San Antonio HR consulting servicesWhat To Watch Out For

Few things are more important in the workplace than a manager who knows how to both hire and motivate employees. It requires a certain kind of intelligence to effectively enforce rules and keep people productive. When managers are failing to meet certain standards, our HR consultation services in San Antonio can help.

Here are some signs you may have a bad manager.

Fails To Adequately Discipline Their Employees

This includes being either too hard or too soft in terms of disciplinary tactics. When an employee does not meet performance or conduct standards, a good manager can accurately measure the severity of the offense while taking into consideration the employee’s level of past performance. A good manager will also keep in mind how they have disciplined other employees for similar offenses, in order to ensure consistency.

There are many ways in which managers may need to discipline employees, but across the board, disciplinary actions should always be appropriate for the circumstances. A bad manager will discipline employees based on emotion or other arbitrary criteria, and fail to work with other senior leaders to determine the best course of action. Our human resource consultation services in San Antonio can help discourage this kind of behavior.

Is More Lenient On “Star” Employees

High-performing employees should be adequately rewarded, however, they should always be held to the same standards as all other employees when it comes to rules. When managers fail to be consistent in the enforcement of rules and standards, it creates an attitude of distrust among employees, many of whom will be more reluctant to report complaints when they notice misconduct. Employees will be less likely to work together in good faith, leading to an overall less productive and social workplace. Our San Antonio business HR consultation can help managers stay objective regarding their employees.

Assumes They Are Above the Rules

A bad manager is one who fails to set a good example for their employees. When managers fail to meet general workplace requirements, such as showing up for work on time, returning emails and phone calls, and staying throughout their entire shift, employees will often emulate their behavior. A good manager is one who inspires good behavior in their employees by embodying it themselves. Our San Antonio human resource consultation services can help encourage this kind of managerial behavior.

Fails To Keep Adequate Documentation

It is imperative that managers keep the proper documentation on employee’s past performance and conduct. Without doing so, they will not be able to support the right employment decisions, or show employees that they were given an opportunity to improve. Bad managers will fail to thoroughly document the performance and conduct issues of their employees, or the disciplinary actions they took to resolve these issues. Things such as verbal warnings and counseling sessions should be included in this documentation.

Our San Antonio human resource consulting services can help improve managerial performance in this area.

They Take All of the Credit (And None of the Blame)

One of the best ways a manager can inspire their employees is by giving them public recognition for their accomplishments. A bad manager will take credit for all of a project’s success, offering none to the rest of the people who made it possible. Conversely, passing blame off on their employees when things don’t go according to plan is equally demoralizing.

Managers should recognize the contributions of their employees, and take responsibility for their mistakes. Our San Antonio HR consulting can help encourage managers to be more considerate of their employees.

They Produce Increase Turnover/Transfer Requests

Bad managers often lead to an increase in employees feeling they need to quit or transfer to a different department. If this happens, it is important to monitor the turnover and conduct exit interviews in order to see why exactly employees are leaving.

There are also many ways in which anonymous feedback can be given regarding managerial behavior, which will lead to more honest criticism.

San Antonio HR consulting servicesOur San Antonio HR Consultation Services Can Help

No matter what the problem might be, there are plenty of ways in which an HR consultant can help remedy the problem, enhancing both managerial and employee performance, confidence, and morale.

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