The EEOC’s Latest Anti-Harassment Guidelines

Improving Your Company’s Anti-Harassment Policies

San Antonio HR consultation servicesEmployers are required to follow anti-harassment guidelines in accordance with nondiscrimination laws. Not only is this a legal obligation, it is also crucial for maintaining a workplace that is socially positive and productive. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has made recent updates to their website indicating some of the best ways in which businesses can avoid workplace harassment. Our San Antonio HR consultation services can help companies effectively incorporate and implement these guidelines.

Here are the five core principles outlined by the EEOC that, if followed, will prevent workplace harassment, and properly address it should it occur.

Committed and Engaged Leadership

Discouragement of workplace harassment of any kind needs to be demonstrated by all senior leaders. This includes the allocation of resources with the goal of preventing harassment, as well as consistently measuring the effectiveness of their efforts.

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Consistent Accountability

Businesses need to be quick to take corrective action when evidence of harassment is found. This action needs to be appropriate for the severity of the harassment, and discipline should be consistent with past situations of a similar nature. Disciplinary action should never favor particular employees unduly.

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Strong Policies

All employees should be familiar with a comprehensive anti-harassment policy that is regularly communicated. Employees need to be familiar with examples of untolerated behavior that constitutes harassment. Anti-harassment guidelines should apply to:

  • Employees at every level
  • Applicants
  • Clients
  • Customers

It should be made clear that anyone who makes a report of misconduct, is party to investigations, or does anything else that is protected under the law, is immune to retaliation.

Upon official employment, and during harassment training, all employees should be given a copy of the company’s policy. This policy should also be posted in commonly accessed areas within the workplace.

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Effective Complaint Procedures

Employees should be encouraged to report conduct that constitutes harassment as early as possible. Employees should also have multiple ways in which they can file their complaints. Alleged victims, employees who report harassment, witnesses, and the alleged harassers themselves should all have their privacy protected as much as possible.

Investigations should be conducted immediately upon allegations of harassment. These investigations should be impartial and thorough.

The allegation should be appropriately documented, and established guidelines should be used to measure the credibility of the relevant parties. A report should be written documenting the investigation, findings, recommendations, and imposed disciplinary actions.

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Regular Training

Employees need to be regularly trained at every level of the organization. Whenever possible, the program should be presented live by qualified trainers. Employees should be given the chance to ask questions regarding training, harassment policy, and the available complaint system(s).

Training should also be provided to supervisors for the proper prevention, identification, reporting, and correction of workplace harassment of any kind.

It should be noted that in some states, employers are required to maintain written anti-harassment policies, including California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Employers are also required to provide supervisors with anti-harassment training in California, Connecticut, and Main. It is always a good idea to check your applicable law in order to ensure your company is complying with anti-harassment requirements.

My HR Consultation Can Help

San Antonio HR consultation servicesWe can provide the professional San Antonio HR consultation services your company needs to adequately meet the guidelines established by the EEOC. All employers should be familiar with these guidelines and make sure their company’s policies, training programs, and complaint processes are consistent with them.

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