Performance Management

How do you get the most out of your employees? “What gets measured, gets done!” as the saying goes. The key to your organization’s success is employee performance.  My HR will implement Performance Evaluation processes, deliver Diversity & Communication training and provide individualized coaching to maximize employee performance! Custom services include:

  • 360° Performance Appraisals
  • Paperless, custom performance feedback
  • Disciplinary Action & Termination processes

Training & Development

Staff training is essential to your business. Besides needing employees who can perform tasks specific to your industry, incorporating training and development into your company culture can promote greater job satisfaction, employee productivity and brand loyalty. The great thing about creating training programs with My HR Consulting is they can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Everything is built with your organization’s specific needs in mind.

  • Diversity & EEO Training
  • Diplomacy & Communication
  • TeamBuilding exercises
  • Leadership Development
  • Train-the-Trainer inhouse
  • LEAN Administration
  • HR Continuing Education



How to develop a training program for employees?

To develop a training program, start with your #1 pet peeve. What drives you crazy? What do your employees do, on a regular basis, that makes you cringe? Start there. Don’t make a note of the incidences for the employee(s) performance review. Don’t lecture. Don’t use any form of sarcasm unless it is to yourself in the mirror.

Stop. Take a look at the task. Take a look at the process for the task. Dissect it. Draw it out in detail. Then innovate it. Poor quality is driven by poor processes. Innovate your processes, describe your processes and then teach on the processes.

If employees revert back to the old way of doing things, rethink your process. If they are too confusing or complicated, they won’t get done right. Your employees won’t be happy. Your customers won’t be happy. You won’t be happy.

If you have reoccurring HR issues, poor miscommunication or harassment issues, call in a professional to design and deliver a training program for you. Experts can bring fresh ideas to old problems and can help jumpstart your team.

Why design a training program?

A good book called E-myth is a must read for any leader. Too many leaders rely on employees who are irreplaceable. Sometimes that irreplaceable person IS the leader. The E-myth secret is that processes drive long-term success, not the individuals.

How do employees know what your processes are? Through training. Training doesn’t have to be a week-long conference in Vegas (although that would be awesome). It doesn’t even mean classroom instruction (which is usually boring). Training is the means through which you impart your values and processes to employees.

That process can be simple and inexpensive or elaborate and celebratory. Your choice. Keep in mind that if training isn’t being done by the organization, training is still occurring. It may not be the training you want. So be smart. Be sustainable. Develop a formal, well-thought-out training program for your employees.

Your organization might qualify for free training grants through either state-run programs or non-profit grants. Contact My HR for information for more information about these grants.

What is leadership training?

Employees are often promoted into management based upon their technical skills. Managers who are subject matter experts (SMEs) in their professions are great assets to their organizations: unless they lack people skills. SMEs who lack people skills are great liabilities to their organizations when promoted into management.

For this reason, organizations need to develop leaders, not managers. Managers focus on accountability and “keeping people honest.” Leaders motivate and focus on accomplishments. Leadership training takes managers and turns them into leaders. Competency + Communication = Leadership. This is the mantra of leadership trainers.

If you are experiencing constant employee complaints, bad morale, poor customer service, low productivity and high turnover, you have a leadership problem. Contact My HR for a HR Assessment to discover the root of your problem. We will provide a HR RoadMap, with practical tips and tools that will help build your leadership team.