Five Hot Topics Human Resources Need To Know About

Five Hot Topics Human Resources Need To Know About

Five Hot Topics Human Resources Need To Know About

Benefits Of Competent HR Policy And Consulting For “At-Will” Employment

Hot Topic - At Will Employment Work ContractCompanies that hire and supervisors of “at will” employees need to be careful when considering terminating someone with “at-will” employment. This term refers to a person whose job can be terminated for any cause (within legal parameters) and at any time, basically “at the will” of their employer. Employers need to understand that they must be very careful of terminating a person’s employment however, even “at will”. Federal and state laws must be followed, such as anti-discrimination laws. Outside of public policy, it is a good idea to have a reasonable HR policy and procedure, document everything with regard to employee performance, and be sure to consult a lawyer before any termination at will.

Make Sure Management Understands Family And Medical Leave Act

Every business needs to have competent HR consulting and training regarding the Family And Medical Leave Act, the FMLA. Managers especially need to understand exactly what the law says and means and be trained to recognize when it should be applied so that companies can avoid costly lawsuits from wrongful termination claims. It is important for employees and managers to understand when the FMLA applies, who can speak for the hospitalized employee, and to document everything when the absences occur. Good HR consulting can keep managers and employees up to date on the FMLA.

Tips For A Better HR Resume

If you are an HR professional and seeking new employment, there are some ways to build your resume that will help it stand out. If you have had a career in HR consulting, policy, training and more, your previous job descriptions should tell a story of your experiences instead of just bits of information. You can focus on accomplishments in previous jobs instead of just simply duties you performed. Try to tell a story of your HR achievements and how they happened in a way that is compelling, rather than just listing information. Be interesting to your employer, in a way that will have them wanting to know more about you.

HR Challenges With Company Parties

Hot Topic - Company Holiday PartiesThe holidays can be a stressful time for an HR department in many unexpected ways, even when it comes to the company holiday party. What is supposed to be a fun event for employees can end up wasting a lot of company money when employees are no-shows. No-shows result in wasteful spending due to unconsumed food and beverages or wasted space at prepaid venues. HR departments can cut spending waste by consulting with employees about party costs and ways to cut down on the number of employees who fail to show up. If employees are made aware of wasteful spending they may consider more thoughtfully their plans regarding company parties.

The Human Side Of Human Resources

Too many times in a HR department or position, the focus is on the resource aspect of the job, and not on the human. As an HR consulting firm or policy maker, you should also be looking for ways to invest in employee development. Taking the time to really get to know individual employees and take stock of their talents and strengths and then encouraging the employees to grow them is worth the time and effort. Employees can be misplaced or put in areas and jobs they aren’t truly suited for, but they can really shine in other areas. A good HR staff should be able to recognize talent and in employees and move them into positions the excel at. Investing in employees is investing in the human side of human resources.