Payroll & Tax Filing

Payroll & Tax Filing two of the most daunting tasks an employer can face. We manage payroll with an integrated customer service platform that helps save you both time and money. It is our goal to make it an easy process for both you and your employees. My HR Consulting can help improve your cash flow, productivity and regulatory compliance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Guaranteed IRS tax deposits paid and 941 / 940 report filing
  • Texas Workforce Commission (SUTA) paid quarterly and filed your behalf
  • Preview your payroll liability and cash required before payroll is finalized
  • Seamless integration with Quickbooks and other account platforms
  • Secure web hosting of your payroll and HRIS database

How to avoid payroll audit?

The best way to avoid a payroll audit is to pay your employees accurately. Know wage and hour laws. Pay overtime. Get employee signatures for all payroll deductions. Don’t refuse to pay final paychecks. Don’t put administrative employees on salary. AND, make sure your payroll taxes are being filed and paid on time.

Payroll audits are triggered when an employee files a wage and hour complaint with the state labor board. In Texas, it’s call the Texas Payday Law and is administered by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

Even if a disgruntled employee files a fictitious wage claim, it will trigger an audit that will scour your payroll records for the past two years. If errors are found, the audit will court order back-pay, penalties and interest even if the original claim was invalid. Learn about basis wage laws at the free Hiring Smart sessions posted on our calendar.

What is payroll compliance?

Payroll compliance seems complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Think of payroll as having two customers: the government (taxes) and employees (wages).

A good payroll service will take care of the government piece. Your payroll service should be accurately calculating and paying your payroll taxes. They should file your reports like 941, 940, Quarterly SUI, W2s and possibly 1099s on your behalf. They also need to submit your new hire reporting to the Attorney General for child support. Your job is to audit your payroll service to make sure they are doing what you pay them for.

Employees are also a (sometime vocal) customer of payroll. Employees can be adept at demanding payroll rights that do not exist. Some employees move from state to state and confused the state regulations. What should you do? Know the basic payroll laws for the state(s) in which you operate.

Overtime laws are regulated by FLSA under the Department of Labor (DOL). These laws include standards for paying employees by salary. Minimum wage is regulated by both the DOL and your state. You need to know both, especially if you are in a tipping industry.

In Texas, you can learn about both federal and state wage laws by using Especially for Texas Employers either online or hard copy. You can also attend the free session call Hiring Smart that offers guidance on wage compliance.

What is payroll management?

Payroll management is the process by which an organization maintains payroll compliance. Compliance can be assured in any number of ways. What works best will be determined by the industry, size and culture of the organization.

Managing payroll compliance ensures consistency and efficiency. Some organizations find the job easier by automating through a HRIS (human resources information system). Most payroll services are web-based and offer a HRIS module to track employee records. Some services offer paperless onboarding tools for employees.

The process that works for your organization needs to be simple, reliable and written. The system is less important than the process. In fact, if you automate, the system needs to be compatible with payroll processes that are already documented.

When payroll is mismanaged, important tasks slip through the cracks and liabilities can become expensive. When payroll is well managed with well thought-out processes, your errors go down and your productivity goes up. Your peace of mind goes up too.

If you have concerns about how your payroll is being managed, contact My HR and request a low cost HR Assessment. We will provide you with a HR RoadMap that includes payroll risks your organization is facing and solutions to get your peace of mind back.