Managers Gone Wild

Have you ever heard of Managers, normally very nice people, who do crazy things towards their employees? I have! And, it’s not pretty. How about?

  • “Now those are what I call come-f**k-me shoes”
  • “Let’s go to her house and fire her… she’s not really sick”
  • “I just threw the hammer at him as a joke”
  • “Just use your woman’s intuition to do a better job”

Seriously?! What would possess a person, any person, to behave like this?

Sounds nuts but it happens every day. These are often the mavericks of the world who dream big and don’t let anything get in their way… and are often small business owners.

It’s these same business owners who also end up paying for unemployment, discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims.  They may get away with it for a while, but sooner or later, their luck runs out.

If you know a maverick, tell him/her to chill.  It’s not worth losing their business over or ruining their reputation.  It’s just a matter of time until they get caught.

If that doesn’t work, have them call me.  I’ll give them some other real life examples… along with the dollar figures paid in settlements.