Social Media exposed!

Fantastic seminar at the SBDC San Saba office. Chris Scherer, of the Law Office of Chris A Scherer, knocked it out of the park once again!  My key take-aways from the seminar might help your small business as well.

#1 Be careful when researching applicants online. What you find out, could be used against you!

#2 Develop a Social Media Policy for your business. This will integrate your existing policies (i.e. anti-discrimination) into regulating employee conduct online.  Always include “no reasonable expectation of privacy” into your policy.

#3 The NLRB is very active in pursuing Social Media complaints by employees. May sure your employment decisions do not violate the “protected concerted activity” rights of your employees.

#4 Make sure your employment decisions do not violate the Stored Communications Act of 1984.  This act is not commonly known but is still being used to determine if employee privacy rights are violated on Social Media.

For more assistance, contact the Law Office of Chris A Scherer at 210.558.1004 or  Like My HR, Chris specializes in help small employers in San Antonio.

Disclaimer:  The views expressed on My HR Blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the the views of SBDC or the Law Office of Chris A Scherer.