“Why Did We Hire That Guy?”

On Tuesday, February 14th, the San Antonio Human Resource Management Association will host its General Meeting.  Don’t miss this opportunity to network with leaders in the HR community, learn a new topic from an exciting speaker, and get connected to leaders in your community.  Location: NW Marriott, 3233 NW Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78213.  Time: 11:15am – 1:30pm

Speaker:  Rodney Klein, Dallas District’s Outreach and Training Manager, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Program Description:  Ever wonder why you hire certain applicants? In this session you will learn how and why employers make hiring decisions.  You will discover that not all the reasons are known or understood by the hiring officials, and this can lead, at times, to illegal discrimination.  You will learn what factors may influence the decisions of hiring managers, how poorly considered qualifications lead to poor hires, and why our hiring processes are not near as objective as we pretend they are.  You will also discover ways to counter the assumptions that lead to discrimination and bad hires, and you will learn techniques you can use to help your hiring managers stay in compliance with the law.